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Welcome to zClub Fitness: Empowering Your Fitness Journey​

Discover Nashua's Premier Woman-Owned Group Fitness Studio

At zClub Fitness, we're not just a fitness studio – we're a vibrant community dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals while building lasting friendships along the way.

Our Story

Founded by a passionate woman with a vision, zClub Fitness stands proudly in the heart of downtown Nashua, New Hampshire. We're not your typical fitness center; we're a haven of empowerment, positivity, and results-driven workouts.

Why Choose Us?

  1. All-Inclusive Fitness Experience

    • Step into our spacious, open studio and experience the freedom to move, stretch, and sweat. With abundant natural light streaming through large open windows, you'll feel energized and alive during every workout.

  2.  Community-Centric Approach

    • At zClub Fitness, we're more than a fitness sudio– we're a family. Our welcoming environment fosters genuine connections between members, transforming workout buddies into lifelong friends. Say goodbye to impersonal gyms and hello to a supportive community that knows your name.

  3. Expert Instructors, Personalized Attention

    • Our team of licensed and certified Instructors is more than just knowledgeable – they're your partners in health. Approachable and dedicated, they're here to guide you, challenge you, and celebrate every achievement on your fitness journey.

  4. Diverse Class Offerings

    • Embark on a fitness adventure with our array of dynamic group classes. From heart-pumping Zumba® to strength-building BARRE® and the invigorating rhythms of POUND®, we offer an ever-evolving schedule that ensures there's something for everyone.

  5. Innovation and Evolution

    • We're not satisfied with the status quo. As fitness evolves, so do we. Our commitment to you means continuously revamping our class offerings to introduce new, exciting styles that keep you motivated and engaged.


Join the Movement

Experience the zClub Fitness difference for yourself. Discover a place where fitness meets friendship, where encouragement knows no bounds, and where your goals become our goals.

Your fitness journey starts here.

Ready to transform? Let's do it together.


You Are Only One Workout Away from a Good Mood








Kelly W.

Kelly W.


Our Address:

100 Factory Street, 4th Floor

Green Brick Mill (side entrance)

Nashua, NH 03060



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